iPhone/Android store-free Mobile Web Apps

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iPhone/Android store-free Mobile Web Apps

    • Progressive Web apps (PWA) that can be saved on Android and iPhone
      • Learn how to create apps found through Google and quickly downloadable from the browser
      • Develop using HTML5 techniques, both for Android and iPhone
      • Make them work offline without a connection
    • Store small data with the LocalStorage
      • Learn how to easily persist small configuration and user data
    • Store data using a relational DB: WebSql
      • Learn how to use an offline relational DB to store data
      • Learn the differences between Android and iPhone devices
      • Master the best debug tools and design techniques
    • Store data using a non-sql DB: IndexedDB
      • Learn how to use an offline No-SQL DB to store data
      • Learn the differences between Android and iPhone devices
      • Master the best debug tools and design techniques
    • The app shell: AppCache + Service Worker
      • Discover the best cross-mobile techniques to store the skeleton of your app offline
      • Cache the result for later use
      • Learn how to update the app to a new version
    • Work with the camera and manage files offline
      • Master the APIs to manage files
      • Take picture and store them offline without using the connection
      • Send the images to a backend server
    • Synchronization and app updates strategies
      • Use the best sync techniques from real world use cases
      • Learn the common pitfalls when synchronizing data and how to overcome them
    • Practice with exercises and from real world examples
      • Develop an offline distributed app to sell scratch&win tickets
      • Develop an offline app to create travel mini-maps and upload photos

For more details on specific topics, check also the video lessons.

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Price for two days 690 euros everything included Learn iPhone/Android store-free Mobile Web Apps during a holiday
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A course within a holiday

Enjoy a mobile-store-free course within a holiday
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Holiday details for active batches will be described here.

Each holiday includes everything and has place into selected villages, Hotels, and SPAs.

The holidays are thought to relax and let each person be in the best conditions to learn.

Every day of the course is separate into slots:

  • The morning starts early with a big breakfast
  • 8:30 - 11:30 → deep dive into the course
  • 11:30 - 14:30 → enjoy the place and the launch
  • 14:30 - 17:30 → deep dive into the course
  • 17:30 - 21:30 → rest, enjoy the place, have dinner
  • 21:30 - 22:30 → big questions and answers + real world examples

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Video course

Keep learning after the training holiday

A course face-to-face is more effective than a solo online course.

But is not enough! So enjoy a complete video course too :-)
  • Simple mini-lessons to watch and re-watch
  • Deepen some arguments you need to master
  • Very practical and easy to follow
  • Always available when back home

60 steps to make an iPhone/Android web app (downloadable to the home screen)

60 practical video lessons on very specific topics about mobile web development, covering everything needed to build mobile apps downloadable from a web site, that you can watch and re-watch.

    Part 1: develop mobile apps quickly
  1. What we’ll get
  2. Why using a web app and bypassing the store
  3. Preparing the environment: node
  4. Preparing the environement: chrome
  5. Preparing the environemnt: webstorm

  6. Part 2: learn DB and file management developing the mapstips mobile app
  7. Let’s make the mapstips webapp
  8. App pages mockup
  9. Creating the app structure
  10. The app shell
  11. The header
  12. The main section
  13. The footer tabs
  14. Handling the login online and offline
  15. Persist login data
  16. The profile page
  17. Persist the configuration data
  18. Moving to the home page
  19. Check the connectivity
  20. Persist a map tip: create a basic form
  21. Editing the form live using the Chrome Dev Tools (CDT)
  22. Persist a map tip: load an image from camera
  23. Debug the files using the CDT
  24. Persist a map tip: relational data in a table
  25. Debug the WebSql relational DB using CDT
  26. Persist a map tip: save the blob to indexeddb
  27. Debug IndexedDB using CDT
  28. The tips page
  29. Load tips on a list: querying the offline DB
  30. Viewing the images: loading images from IndexedDB
  31. iPhone: capturing, loading and viewing images
  32. Loading images: performance considerations
  33. Delete a tip: deleting from WebSql
  34. Deleting a tip: delete the images (delete from indexedDB)
  35. Add tags to a tip: upgrade the database structure
  36. Searching for tips based on tags: querying a DB

  37. Part 3: the app shell on Android and iPhone
  38. Don’t block the GUI: manage images in a worker
  39. The app shell: available technologies
  40. The app shell: Appcache
  41. Add the app to home screen
  42. Check if coming from the browser
  43. App updates: load a new version of the app

  44. Part 4: app data synchronization
  45. Sync the tips online: sync the data
  46. Sync the tips online: sync the images
  47. Sync strategies
  48. Helper libraries

  49. Part 5: advanced techniques
  50. App push notification
  51. App performance analytics
  52. Security basics
  53. App design strategies
  54. Final remarks

  55. Part 6: practice more by developing another app
  56. Scratch&Win App: Design
  57. Scratch&Win App: Mockup
  58. Scratch&Win App: Load tickets from the server
  59. Scratch&Win App: Save tickets to a local DB
  60. Scratch&Win App: Panel
  61. Scratch&Win App: Scratch
  62. Scratch&Win App: Save ticket status
  63. Scratch&Win App: Sync tickets with other apps
  64. Scratch&Win App: Play again
  65. Scratch&Win App: Offline management

Huh, that's all :-)

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